Introducing PIM Lite for Product Content Syndication

What is PIM Lite?

PIM Lite is a pre-configured, entry-level PIM system for:

  • Small to medium suppliers (revenues under $1B) – Organizations that do not have the budget to afford a complex, highly-configured PIM system

  • Large suppliers where budget is gone – Organizations with limited funds left in the current budget cycle

  • Suppliers that prefer OpEx vs. CapEx – Organizations that desire a lower cost software subscription model with predictable cash flows

What are the benefits of PIM Lite?

PIM Lite brings immediate value by helping suppliers improve product data management processes. Benefits include:

  • Eliminating spreadsheets, manual processes, and redundant data entry.

  • Establishing a “source of truth” for product data and content relationships to manage and maintain product data in a single location.

  • Automating import of product data.

  • Improving data quality with pre-configured “core” GDSN attributes and validation rules.

  • Advancing data governance with basic PIM/MDM workflows to automate and automating processes such as new products and product changes.

  • Syndicating validated product data thru an automated M2M XML connection to 1WorldSync Item Manager, and easily exporting product data to XML, Excel, PDF, CSV.

What is the cost of PIM Lite?

Fully installed, pre-configured PIM Lite system starts at $100k for Year 1 (includes implementation, software and “hybrid cloud” hosting), and $45k for subsequent years (includes software and “hybrid cloud” hosting).  

Implementation time is typically 8-12 weeks. Additional details available upon request.