Are you ready to go further and faster with your product content currently managed in Kroger’s Vendor Item Portal (VIP)?

You have the opportunity to repurpose that product data for GDSN and get your products onto new shelves! 

1WorldSync can do the heavy lifting for you, making your product content efforts more efficient and expediting your speed to market. 

Get your product onto new shelves and enable the seamless product content sharing with new retailers such as Walmart, Safeway, Target, and beyond!


  • Save Time & Money: Save time and effort and allow your current partner to manage all of your brand and content data allowing you to keep running your business

  • Unlimited Number of Demand Side Partners: Publish product and company content to as many recipients as desired (Get your products to Safeway, Google, Walmart and beyond)!

  • Enhanced Data Quality: Reduce time and money in your manual processes and involve fewer systems

  • Superior Service: 1WorldSync’s Professional Services Team can help create a complete end-to­-end global product content strategy tailored to each customer specific to their industry.


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