Drive more online sales with best-in-class analytics and content solutions

Selling online requires companies to operate faster to stay ahead of the e-commerce market. That in turn requires more tools and technology, and experts who can help put those tools and technology to work.

A new collaboration provides 1WorldSync customers with access to Content Analytics’ best in class eCommerce analytics and reporting capabilities which will let brands optimize their presence online to drive increased traffic, conversion, and sales, while pinpointing specific areas of strength and opportunity to improve content.


  • Content health measurements 
  • Out of stock alerting
  • Search engine optimization
  • Rating and review monitoring
  • Price tracking


  • Item Content Quality: Since many online retailers merge change data to make it presentable, this helps a brand understand how their data is presented to the consumers and measured against industry best practice KPI’s.
  • Page 1 & 2 Share of Search: This is a great way to enhance content to be more discoverable. The only way to do this without a service is a tedious, manual search on retailer web sites.

  • Out of Stock + Price Change Reports:These reports let you know when the retailer changes an item that could impact a brand’s bottom line, which in turn protects margin.

  • Review Reports: These reports tell a brand when a new review or question comes in so they can take action quickly, which helps ensure brand reputation stays intact.

  • Retailers: Analyze your content to show suppliers where they are missing content.

  • Brands: Get customized reports on content health, analytics, and monitoring for all of your major retail channels.