Getting Started with SmartLabel

Your SmartLabel Questions Answered by the Experts 

Experts from EnterWorks and 1WorldSync have teamed up to provide up-to-date information on SmartLabel to help you get started.

Listen to experts from Tyson Foods, EnterWorks and 1WorldSync discuss the challenges and solutions they have experienced with SmartLabel. This webinar is full with a great Q&A discussion at the end. (Slides can be found here)

Here’s the challenge:

For many companies, SmartLabel can be a significant undertaking considering the number of products they manufacture. After all, each unique item (including flavor, size, etc.) requires three components:

  • A unique Smart Label QR code

  • Consumer-ready product content

  • A SmartLabel webpage

Your SmartLabel Recipe for Success:

  1. What is SmartLabel?
  2. How do consumers interact with SmartLabel?
  3. What information does SmartLabel provide?
  4. How important is it for companies to participate in SmartLabel?
  5. Can SmartLabel help me comply with Federal GMO Disclosure Requirements?
  6. What are some of the benefits for the manufacturer/brand?

All of this and more! Complete the form on this page to download a copy today.