Alibaba – The World's Largest Online Shopping Platform

Tap into new market potential with Alibaba and reach over 450 million consumers globally!

From a lotus farmer in a rural Chinese village to an apple farmer in the state of Washington, see how Alibaba has empowered everyone from entrepreneurs to established brands to grow their business in China and around the globe.

Alibaba makes it easy to do business anywhere! 



The benefits of working with Alibaba

  • Take back control over your product data integrity!
    Whether you sell your products on Alibaba platforms directly or indirectly via distributors, as a brand owner it is in your utmost interest to gain back control over the quality and comprehensiveness of the product content displayed. Alibaba supports you in your efforts!
  • Reach millions of global consumers!
    Reach over 450 million global consumers utilizing the Alibaba platform looking for products like yours! Whether you have a single item, hundreds or thousands of items; showcasing your complete, accurate, and up-to-date product information on the Alibaba marketplace will increase your products’ visibility to consumers.
  • Create more sales opportunities!
    When consumers visit Alibaba's platform, their behavior – whether they purchase a product or not – will be recorded and analyzed. This integrated cookie-tracking technology generates future sales opportunities and helps your business grow!